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Looking to add on to your existing kitchen? We offer you the opportunity to add a new brand to your existing brand. We offer you a Virtual Kitchen set up and we supply you the menu and all the spice packs to make our food for delivery or pickup from your restaurant. We offer staff training to make our sauces. There is a small monthly fee and you have to purchase our spice packs and dressing from us. This is to ensure your sauces are always consistently the same and the best.

This concept is more profitable, low cost and easy to run. You run our pasta restaurant, The Manhattan Kitchen as a delivery only or pickup from your restaurant. This is all done online with the help of Delivery Apps or your own delivery system.

It is easy to own our Italian Restaurant, The Manhattan Kitchen. If you are already an existing restaurant you already have all the licences you need - a city license, health department inspection and fire department inspection. In addition you need some kitchen space and maybe some small equipment to be added to your own equipment. We help you with a menu, source out suppliers and the purchasing of packaging materials. We will also help you get onboard with third party delivery apps if you are not with them already.

We supply you with all the spice packs you need to make our sauces. The sauce packs you get are: Alfredo Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Bolognese, Pesto and Garlic Butter. You also buy our Manhattan Dressing in 3.8 litre size jugs to make our Manhattan Salad. You can also buy the dressing in 12 oz bottles for sale on the delivery menu. Our dressing is very popular and we sell it in local grocery stores.

Our concept added to your brand will offer your customers a bigger variety of food choices and allows you to grow your business with low overhead and risk. We ran this concept, plus pizza for 27 years and now new owners are running this concept with our sauce packs for the Pasta side of the operation.

Even if you do not have a restaurant, but want to open up our concept in a commercial kitchen and using third party delivery apps, we can help you set up a ghost kitchen. With our concept you do not need a restaurant for tables, front end staff or a great location. You cook in a modest location as our food is specifically designed for delivery and not for guests in a dining room.

Call us if you wish to add on to your existing brand or to open up a commercial kitchen with our Pasta Restaurant, the Manhattan Kitchen. Since Covid 19 hit us all in 2020, delivery has become an important revenue stream for restaurants. Covid 19 has forced many restaurants to close because of the restrictions set for restaurants or go to delivery only model. The trend for delivery will continue in 2021 and beyond, so redefine your concept and offer your guests a great pasta addition to your online menu.

We’d love to hear from you even if you are a Pizza Restaurant, Mexican Restaurant, Indian Restaurant, American Cuisine, Chinese, Thai or Japanese. Let us show you how easy it is to add our Italian Pasta restaurant to your brand.

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