No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours, Gluten-Free Salad Dressings & Marinades

Sneaky Pete Spice Nanaimo

Our delicious Manhattan Dressing started in a small family owned restaurant, New York Style Pizza & Pasta in Nanaimo, BC in 1991. Pete, Vivian, two daughters, Jorie and Jenness and later 2 grandsons, Jakeob and Taevan all worked hard to make our restaurant a success.

Our customers could not get enough of our dressing so they asked us to sell them a bottle to take home. This was in 1991.

A few years later we started to sell our dressing to local grocery stores in 12 oz bottles.

When we sold one of our restaurants in 2015, the restaurant continued to buy our dressing in 3.8 litre jugs so as to continue serving our famous Manhattan salad. Customers still wanted to get their fix for the Manhattan Salad.

In 2018 we sold our last restaurant but continued to supply our local retail grocery stores with 12 oz bottles for sale as well as our jugs to the restaurant selling our Manhattan salad.

In 2020 we started selling our pasta sauce spice packs to the restaurant that was selling our Manhattan Salad. By offering our sauces in their restaurant, made this a low cost way to get to get our great sauces for their pasta side of the menu. We are now offering our Italian restaurant as a Ghost or Virtual Kitchen to any restaurant that wants to add on to their concept or open up a commercial kitchen. Since this is for Pick Up or Delivery Only with third party apps or their own delivery system, you don’t need additional space for indoor dining, front end staff, it’s very affordable and easy to run. Since Covid 19 hit, restaurants had to close or go to delivery only. What better way to increase your menu options for delivery than opening a Ghost Kitchen ,The Manhattan Kitchen.

2022 brings us to a new era and our wish to expand our sale of Manhattan Dressing, Sneaky Pete Spice and other dry spice packs to make our Italian Dressing and Ranch Dressing, and offering to set up Ghost Kitchens, Manhattan Fine Foods Inc is born.