Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Caterer

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Through the pandemic, many people were eating healthy and organic to get better and stay fitter. Healthy people had a higher chance of recovering from the Coronavirus. Many were not getting the exercise they were in the past, and they wanted to make changes to their lifestyle so they could get better.

We found the first couple of months of the pandemic quite challenging because people were staying indoors, and we were not working with the teams we used to. Additionally, we get a lot of our work from larger gatherings that are no longer a meeting. We work with clients to understand their requirements and work backward, so create a dressing or mix to assist with the cooking process and make their meal even better.

Throughout the process, we were asked about finding the right company to work with and how we would adapt to those changes when getting through the process. We created a list of steps and pointers to look out for when getting through the process so we can understand how we can make those changes.

1. Reputation, get reviews
Make sure they have food-safe, insurance, and other health certificates and city licenses. If there are bad reviews about the work that they have done, it would be within your interest to stay away or find out more. There could be some stores that are great at one product and not at the others. Ensure the company you work with does not cut corners. Remember the work they do is for the long term and not something to be forgotten immediately.

2. Food quality
If you have not had this caterer before, ask for a food tasting of the menu to serve at your function. You should have a team that would assist with the quality checks, and some companies would be open to getting through the process internally. There are some legal processes and documentation they have to sign up for if they are planning on catering, so you should make sure that they have tier certification and paperwork in place before going ahead with the process. Additionally, some foods would go well depending on the situation and the event you are having, so you should be able to have a conversation with them asking them for the specifics.

3. Flexibility
Make sure the caterer can address food allergies and other special requests such as vegetarian, gluten-free. There is a varying list of clients that you would have to get through, and you have to understand their requirements and what you are working on getting through the process. YOu have to be open to making changes to meet their needs and work on their dietary preferences, which can be quite challenging but is mandatory for allergies and other such changes. Most caterers have some time before the event where they can handle changes if they need to, so you would have to coordinate with the client to make sure they handle these. While it might not be easy to adjust, they would have to get through the process.

4. Prompt service
Make sure your caterer knows the time you want food served. Important note to have speeches run into the time food is to be served. They should have the food ready at the right time. Some people prefer getting their meals after midnight, and others would want to get them immediately. Sometimes clients need someone who can confirm or tell them their availability so they can figure out their next steps. If the team has another event on the dates, you want to ensure they can get through the process and lock this.

5. Costs
Make sure you let the caterer know your budget concerns so that they can design a suitable menu for your event. Make sure you get the cost of the function sent to you at least one week before the event, which ensures no hidden costs in your final billing. They should have a conversation and understand your requirements, your budget, your dates and would be in a better reposition to assist you with the process. They can even offer some suggestions when they are getting through the process so it would assist in understanding their requirements and getting through the process. 

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